Vision & Mission


The vision of HZU is to be a world class University and to be a harbinger for vocationalisation of higher education through the conventional as well as through the open and distance learning modes in order to meet the future demands for trained human power in the country.


HZU will provide educational opportunities to all segments of society, without discrimination of any kind. In addition to regular face-to-face education, HZU will, through the use of modern technologies of communications, bring education to the doorsteps of all those who did not have access to higher education earlier or were denied such an access.

HZU will strive to work for the following objectives:
  • To reduce the gap between the demand and supply for skilled human power in the country;
  • To provide alternative vocational options for pursuing higher education;
  • To develop, design and teach innovative, flexible, professional and technical programmes so as to provide the best possible education of the highest academic standards;
  • To create and generate opportunities of education at the learner’s doorstep in order to suit the individual's pace and choice;
  • To offer vocational education to enhance individual employability and create new employment opportunities;
  • To develop and improve technology-mediated learning methods;
  • To enhance the reach of higher education within India as well as abroad;
  • To determine standards of teaching, evaluation and research for all the programmes;
  • To induct students by guiding them to choose professional education of their choice;
  • To adopt innovative methods of teaching by involvement of service industry as a field area for practical exposure of classroom learning.

The University offers programmes leading to degrees, which are conventional as well as application-oriented. They are launched with a view to fulfilling the student's needs for:
  • Certification
  • Improvement of skills
  • Acquisition of professional qualifications
  • Continuing education and professional development at work-place
  • Self-enrichment
  • Diversification and up-dating of knowledge

Programmes offered:

The University offers degree, diploma, and certificate programmes at the undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. levels.