School of Media, Journalism & Film Making

The School of Media, Journalism & Film Making is one of the leading faculties at the Himgiri Zee University. The programmes offered by this school are conceived as the flagship programmes of the University. These programmes are based on the new and inclusive modules of the study of Expressive Cultures, Media and Communication as a whole.

The programmes offered embrace the whole spectrum of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts with Communications being at the focus of the programmes. These include subjects like Communication Theories, Media and Society, Journalism, Film Studies, Advertising, Public Relations, Communication Research, International and Political Communication among others. These subjects provide the requisite skills needed to become a Communication or Media practitioner at the local, national and global context.

A degree in Mass Communication from Himgiri Zee University will provide the ideal opportunity to gain a hands-on experience of Communication and Media at both the theoretical level in the classroom and the practical level in the industry due to our unique media industry linkage. Students who complete a Masters/Bachelors degree with the University will have the unique opportunity to undertake training at any one of the Zee Group facilities in the country. They will be taught by internationally sought after faculty, consultants and researchers who have worked in the Media and Communication discipline.

With the FM Radio-on-Campus (FM 107.8 “HIMGIRI KI AWAAZ”) and an In-House TV Production Studio, the stage is all set for the introduction of the Diploma courses in Radio Jockey & Production and TV Production as well.