Dr. Praveen Kumar RathiSchool of Legal Studies

Professional Qualifications:
i. Ph.D.
ii. LL.M.
iii. LL.B.
iv. B.A.
Dr. Praveen Kumar Rathi completed his Ph.D. in Legal Dimension of “Conservation of Wild Animals in India: An Empirical Study with Special Reference to the State of Uttarakhand” and in PG his dissertation was on “International Human Rights Conventions on Women and Children and its Impact on Indian Human Rights Practices”. His research realm is socio-legal and environmental issues. He is having thirty-three years of working experience which comprises academics, research, administration, and good exposure to the Defence Service. He possesses multi-skill qualities. He has published his research papers in UGC care listed journals, peer-reviewed journals, international journals, SCOPUS listed journals & chapters in books and is also equipped with a number of Faculty Development Programs. He is also Programme Officer of the National Service Scheme Unit (NSS Unit) of the University and is responsible for conducting various NSS activities.