School of Clinical Research & Health Care Management

Clinical research

Clinical research is a dynamic field having opportunity in research base industries and institutions. Clinical Research plays a vital role in the drug development process because approval of a drug required clinical trial to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Pharmaceutical products. It is a patient oriented research including Epidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacogenomics Pharmacotherapeutics and health service research. The aim of program is to produce professionals with requisite skills in planning and management techniques in the clinical research.

Health care management

Health care management is a growing profession with increasing opportunity for both direct care and non direct care system. These managers are expected to be needed both inpatient and outpatient care facilities with the clinician and physician. Health care management is the profession that provides the leadership and direction to the organization. The aims of program are to develop trained managers with essential skills in planning, consultancy, and entrepreneurship. This program will help to achieve success in preparing professionals to manage the health care industries, both in the public and private sector.

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