Himgiri Zee University signed MOU with the Rekhi Foundation http://www.rekhifoundation.com/ to establish the Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness to promote research, training, education and the practice of well being for all. Himgiri Zee University is the first institution in the state of Uttarakhand to launch the Happiness Centre. The objective to establish this centre is to launch courses and promote research in the science of happiness to work towards enhancing the quality of life around us. The Centre will basically work on improving the individual life of people as well as the community and family life. Happiness is the trait that contributes to everybody’s success and satisfaction. Therefore, fostering and promoting the idea of happiness and well being for all and working towards it, is the need of the hour. People around us suffer due to anxiety, stress and tension due to several reasons. The Centre’s approach will be towards understanding the causes of such anxiety and stress and work to understand positive emotions that bring happiness.

Himgiri Zee University has taken this initiative to establish the Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness in collaboration with Mr. Satinder Singh Rekhi, IIT Kharagpur alumnus and founding member of the World Happiness Foundation, running the Rekhi Foundation. Currently, these Happiness Centres and Laboratories are operative in many institutions, such as IIT Kharagpur, DTU Delhi, IGDTUW, Delhi, Amity University, Noida, NSUT, Delhi and IIM Lucknow.