Himgiri Zee University aims to provide globally accepted education of high standard. The university follows an efficient and flexible semester system with continuous and comprehensive evaluation scheme.

Courses are defined in terms of credit based on contact hours assigned to tutorials, lectures and practical sessions. Semester has minimum requirement of number of course credits and students performances are continuously assessed based on lectures/tutorial, lab work, class test/assignments and the end semester examinations leading to the award of final grade.

Examination Pattern

Based on the nature of the course, due weightage are given to theory and practical. The lab/practical examination shall be assessed by the Internal/External expert appointed by the competent authority.

Minimum Attendance

Students have to maintain the minimum 75% attendance in theory as well as practical session to be eligible to take end semester examination. A candidate who has less than 75% attendance shall not be permitted to appear for the University examination in the course in which the shortfall exists. However, it shall be open to the Dean, to grant exemption not more than 15% to a student who failed to obtain the prescribed 75% attendance based on valid ground.

Question Paper Pattern

End semester examination question paper will comprise of three sections, having multiple choice, short answer and long answer questions.

Eligibility for Passing the Examination

Passing Standard: For the entire courses student has to secure minimum 35% marks in external/end semester examination and obtain 40% marks in aggregate to be declared pass in each of the paper. Any paper having lecture and practical both must secure 35% marks in end semester theory and practical component separately and obtain 40% in aggregate.

Grace Marks: A maximum of 6 marks may be awarded as grace marks in a semester, which can be allocated among not more than three failed papers. Grace marks will not be awarded to pass practical/studio/project/field work.

Reappear/ Back Paper Examination: Further a student who fail to secure minimum marks to pass even after considering grace marks in a paper (theory and/or Practical) shall be declared fail in that subject and shall be eligible to reappear whenever department offers that course.

Unfair Means and Plagiarism

In case a student is found adopting or suspected of adopting unfair means before, during or after the examination, or lifting of some other's work(s) and inserting it in his Class Work Submissions, Project, Seminar Reports and Dissertation, etc. without proper acknowledgement, credit and reference, or plagiarizing the Dissertation/Project/Class Work Submissions/ Reports, etc., such penal action shall be taken by the University as may be necessary to uphold the sanctity and integrity of the examination system and the credibility of the University.

All such cases may be taken suo-moto cognizance of by the Disciplinary/Unfair Means Committee appointed by the Vice-chancellor/Academic Council for this purpose. Such cases may also be reported by any person, including invigilator(s)/examiner (s) to the Dean, Faculty and/or the Disciplinary/Unfair Means Committee for its consideration. General instructions for penal action for use of unfair means and plagiarism shall be notified to the students and the Faculty of the University by the controller of examination from time to time.

Grading System

(i) About Grade

Following grading system is approved for all courses (except B. Arch):

S.No. Range of marks Corresponding Letter grade Corresponding grading point
1 91 – 100 O (Outstanding) 10
2 81 – 90 A+ (Excellent) 9
3 71 – 80 A (Very Good) 8
4 61 – 70 B+ (Good) 7

Awards of Grades for B.Arch:

S.No. Range of marks Corresponding Letter grade Corresponding grading point
1 91 – 100 O (Outstanding) 10
2 81 – 90 A+ (Excellent) 9
3 71 – 80 A (Very Good) 8
4 61 – 70 B+ (Good) 7
5 50 – 60 B (Above Average) 6
6 Less than 40 F (Fail) 0
(ii) Grade Point Average (GPA)

The overall performance of a student will be indicated by two indices; SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).


i= subject/paper i

N= Total number of paper offered in a semester

CC(i)= Credit of ith subject/paper

GP(i)= Grade point obtained by student in ith Paper


i=1…N represent paper

j=1…M represent semester

CC and GP carries usual meaning as defined above

(iii) Conversion from grade to percentage marks (%)

SGPA x10%; CGPA x 10%

(iv) Award of Degree & division obtain

Degree will only be awarded upon successful completion of the course work, without any back paper.

Candidates who pass all the prescribed subjects for all the semesters but except (B. Arch & LL.M.) obtain:

40% or more but less than 50% Pass Class
50% or more but less than 60% Second Division
60% or more but less than 75% First Division
75% or more First division with Distinction

For B. Arch

50% or more but less than 55% Pass Class
50% or more but less than 60% Second Division
60% or more but less than 75% First Division
75% or more First division with Distinction

For LL.M.

55% or more but less than 60% Second Division
60% or more but less than 75% First Division
75% or more First division with Distinction


Ph.D. Entrance Result held on Aug-2022.

Examination Cell has published the results of Even semester Examination students can contact their department for result.

Result of PhD Entrance test held on 30-07-18

Result of Pre PhD Course Work - 2019

Notice : Even Semester Examination (2021-22) Result published

Examination Notification

Examination Time-Table

Examination time-table of Himgiri Zee University:

Contact Us

S.No. Name of Staff Designation E-mail ID
1 Mr. Amit Kumar COE/IC
2 Mr. Anant Sharma Asst. Registrar Examination
3 Mr. Jainendra Bhatt Head- Administration

Examination Controller

Mr. Amit Kumar


Work Experience

10 Years Educational and Administrative


Ph.D (Pursuing)
M.Tech (Digital Communication)
B.Tech. (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)

Area of specialization:

Cognitive Radio,Nanotechnology, Wireless Sensor Networks, Digital Communication, Cognitive Radio Network, Steganography.

Number of Publication- 10 Conducted Seminar-02 Attended Workshop- 05

He is member of various committees of HZU and other Universities. He has taught diploma, undergraduate and post graduate students. He has guided undergraduate and postgraduate thesis. He is having rich experience of teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of Engineering and guided projects as well as motivated students for higher education. He is having hands on experience in establishing Engineering labs of all streams. He is handling the Engineering department since 2013 at Himgiri Zee University. He has designed the syllabus of M.Tech and B.Tech. He is member of BOS, Academic Council at Himgiri Zee University. He is COE/IC at University and one of the active members who framed Examination Cell at Himgiri Zee University. He has conducted three seminar at HZU. He has conducted Science Exhibition and Swach Bharat Abhiyan at HZU. He is a proactive member of HZU.

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