Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture was started in the year 2013 with the aim of imparting higher education in the field of agriculture and producing trained agriculture graduates. Some of the key features of the department include:

  • Curruculum as per ICAR V Dean’s Committee report.
  • Qualified Faculty from reputed Institutions.
  • Well Equipped Laboratories.
  • Large Farm Area within the campus.
  • Regular Field Tours to Scientific Institutions and Research Units.
  • Practical Crop Production on the concept of “Learning by Doing”
  • Guest lectures by Eminent Agricultural Scientists.

The Department organizes different programs in the form of Seminars, Kisan Mela etc. for greater exposure to the students in the field of Agriculture and Allied Sciences.

The Department also provides training and career guidance to students for preparation of different exams related to Agriculture besides helping in placement of students. Students passed out from the department are working in reputed organisations like Amazon, Bayer, Yara International, Dayal Fertilizers, HDFC, Rasi Seeds to name a few. Some students are working in government organisations as Assistant Soil Conservation Officers. Students are also seeking higher education in different Government Agricultural Universities across India.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. P. C. Nautiyal


Professional Qualification:

i. M.Sc.

ii. Ph.D

iii. ARS

Work Experience

a. Research

Employer Designation Period
ICAR Scientist Jan 1985-Jan 1990
ICAR Scientist (SS) Jan 1990- Dec 1995
ICAR Senior Scientist Jan 1996- Sept 2005
ICAR Principal Scientist (Selection post) Sept 2005- June 2017
HNB Garhwal University Research Officer Jan 1984-Nov 1984

b. Teaching

i. Taught graduate and post-graduate classes in Garhwal University as PDF fellow

ii. Guided BSc and MSc students for their thesis work at Junagadh Agriculture University.

iii. Taught MSc and PhD students in Plant Physiology and Seed Science and Technology at ICAR-IARI, New Delhi

iv. Guided M.Sc. and Ph.D. students for their thesis work at ICAR-IARI, New Delhi

v. Teaching BSc, M.Sc. and guiding Ph.D. students of Agricultural Sciences in Dehradun.

c. Awards/Recognition

i. Visiting Fellow ICRISAT, Asia Centre, Patencherue, Hyderabad during 2000.

ii. AAA Senior, conferred by the Indian Society for Plant Physiology in 2001.

iii. JIRCAS Visiting Fellowship at Tropical Research Station, Ishigaki, Okinawa, Japan during 2002-03.

iv. Best Paper Reviewer Award by Field Crop Research, Elseviar Publisher Editorial Board for the year 2016.

v. Principal Investigator: AICRP-NSP (Crops) Seed Physiology, Testing and Storage 2013-17 (ICAR).

d. Special Assignments

i. Invited Article on “Irrigation management to enhance groundnut productivity during summer season” FAO, Water Report, (No. 22): 2002.

ii. Compendium on “Groundnut- Postharvest in Developing Countries” for FAO, Agri/post- arvest/ compendium/ groundnut. No. of Chapters 6, number of pages 163. 2003, FAOweb-site.

iii. Attend National Seminar at Kinki University, Japan, 2003.

iv. Participated in 4th International Congress of Crop Science, Brisbane, Australia in 2004.

v. Platform presentation of research paper on Bambara groundnut at University of Nottingham, UK, 2008.

vi. Invited for talk on drought tolerance in Bambara groundnut and its scope for cultivation in India in a workshop on water requirement of minor millets and other underutilized crops at University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2009.

vii. Platform presentation on water use efficiency in groundnut in Combined Congress of Agricultural Sciences at University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2009.

viii. Member, Scientific Programme Committee National Seminar on Groundnut, Organized by DGR, Junagadh, 2004.

ix. Member National Organising Committee, National Seminar of Plant Physiology, Junagadh, Gujarat 2013.

x. Member, National Organising Committee, ISST, National Seed Seminar, Bangaluru. 2013.

xi. Member Publication Committee, National Seed Seminar, IARI, January 2017.

e. Trainings acquired

i. Modelling Drought Resistance Traits in Groundnut using PARCH-Nut at ICRISAT Asia Centre, Patancheru, 1996.

ii. Training Programme on Technological Forcasting and Assessment NAARM, Hyderabad 1997.

iii. Inspection Policy of Official Language Implementation, NAARM, Hyderabad 1997.

iv. Fellowship in Genetic Resources and Enhancement Programme, ICRISAT, Asia Centre, Patancheru, 1998.

v. Modelling growth and yield of Crops, Centre for Application of Systems Simulation, IARI, New Delhi, 2000.

vi. JIRCAS Visiting Research Fellowship Programme at Okinawa, Japan, 2002-03.

vii. Winter School on photosynthesis and Biomass, Plant Physiology Division, IARI, New Delhi, 2004.

viii. Administrative training programme for senior level scientists, Administrative Staff Training College, Hyderabad, 2007.

f. Training Organised

P.C. Nautiyal, S.K. Jain, SangitaYadav, S.K. Lal, Manjunath Prasad C.T., S.K. Yadav and D.K. Yadav. 2015. Training manual on Seed Production and Quality evaluation, February 18-28, 2015. Division of Seed Science and Technology, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi-110012, pp-275.

g. Reviewer/Editor of the Scientific Journals
In Editorial Board:

i. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology

ii. Seed Research

h. Reviewer:

i. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology

ii. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences

iii. Field Crop Research

iv. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Sciences

v. Current Sciences

vi. Grana, Brazil Journal of Botany

vii. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

viii. Plant Signalling and Behaviour

ix. PhysiologiaPlanctarum

x. Environmental and Experimental Botany

xi. Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources

xii. Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding

xiii. Seed Research

Major Scientific Achievements

i. Technology for seed storage in groundnut (Arachishypogeae)

ii. Enhancement of productivity by synchronising flowering by imposing water-deficit stress during vegetative phase in groundnut.

iii. Selection for water use efficiency (13C/12C) and trait based breeding in groundnut and development of advanced breeding material

iv. Characterization of wildArachis species for high temperature and water-deficit stresses.

v. Characterization of Bambaragroundnut for cultivation in semi-arid regions in India.

vi. Association of root and shoot traits with drought tolerance in groundnut.

vii. Characterization of transgenic tomato (Mt-HSP and Er-HSP) for heat tolerance.

viii. Remobilization of non-structural carbohydrates, measurement of drought tolerance and development of probe for phenotyping for drought tolerance in rice.

ix. Characterization of wheat RIL (recombinant inbred lines) for seed vigour.

Externally Funded Projects Completed

i. Selection for Water Use Efficiency in Grain Legume (ACIAR-ICAR-ICRISAT) collaborative programme

ii. High temperature tolerance in groundnut (ICAR-NF BSFARA)

iii. Molecular, Environmental and Nutritional Evaluation of Bambara Groundnut for Food Production in Semi-arid Africa and India “BAMLINK”. EU Funded in collaboration with University of Nottingham, UK

iv. Farmer’s Participatory Groundnut Improvement in Rain-fed Cropping System (ISOPM)Ministery of Agriculture, Govt. of India.

v. Evaluation of Groundnut Germplasm for Morphological, Physiological and Molecular Characters/traits Associated with Drought Tolerance for Enhancing Productivity in Rain-dependent System. (ICAR-NF BSFARA)

vi. Development of Sucrose Sensors for Phenotyping of Soil Moisture-deficit Stress Tolerance in Rice (ICAR-NFBSFARA).

Publications of Research Material

a. Types of publications Total number

i. Research papers (Refereed Journals) 65

ii. Popular Articles 30

iii. Book Chapters 10

iv. Others (teaching manuals/Ext. Bulletins/e-resource etc.) 15

v. Training Manual 01

vi. Seminar/Symposium 40

b. Top 11 Scientific Publications(in my opinion)

i. Nautiyal, P.C. and A. N. Purohit, 1980. Berberine contents and alkaloid profile of Berberisspecies from different altitudes. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 8:379-380).

ii. Nautiyal, P.C. and Ravindra, V. 1996. Drying and storage method to prolong seed viability and seedling vigour of rabi-summer-produced groundnut.Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 177: 123-128.

iii. Nautiyal, P.C. V.Ravindra, P.V. Zala and Y.C. Joshi, 1999. Enhancement of yield in groundnut following the imposition of transient soil-moisture-deficit stress during the vegetative phase.Experimental Agriculture, Vol. 35, pp. 371-385.

iv. Bandyopadhyay, A., P. C. Nautiyal, T. Radhakrishnan, and H. K. Gor, 1999. Role of testa, cotyledons and embryonic axis in seed dormancy of groundnut (Arachishypogaea L.). Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 182: 37-41.

v. Nautiyal, P.C., A. Bandyopadhyay and P.V. Zala, 2001. In situ sprouting and regulation of fresh seed dormancy in Spanish type groundnut (ArchishypogaeaL.ssp.fastigiatavar.vulgaris). Field Crop Research, 70: 233-241.

vi. Nautiyal, P.C., NageswaraRaoRachaputi and Y.C. Joshi, 2002. Moisture-deficit induced changes in leaf-water content, leaf carbon exchange rate and biomass production in groundnut cultivars differing in specific leaf area, Field Crop Research74: 67-79.

vii. Nautiyal, P.C. Rajgopal, K. P.V. Zala, Dipti S. Pujari, ManojitBasu, BhuwaneshwaribaDhadhal and Bharat M. Nandre, 2008. Evaluation of wild Arachis species for abiotic stress tolerance: I Thermal stress and leaf water relations. Euphytica, 159:43-57.

viii. Nautiyal, P.C. 2009. Seed and seedling vigour traits in groundnut (Arachishypogaea L.). Seed Science and Technology, 37: 721-735.

ix. Nautiyal, P.C., Ravindra V, Rathnakumar, A.L., Ajay, B.C. and Zala, P.V. 2012. Genetic variation in photosynthetic rate, pod yield and yield components in Spanish groundnut cultivars during three cropping seasons. Field Crop Research, 125:83-89.

x. Nautiyal, P. C.,Rathnakumar, A. L., Ganesh Kulkarni and Shashshayee, S. 2017. Evaluation of wild Arachisspecies for cultivation under semiarid tropics as a fodder crop: Photosynthetica, 55 (1): 41-49).


Reading, trekking and organic farming.

Dr. Sharad Pandey

Associate Dean, School of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Professional Qualification:

i. Ph.D (Genetics and Plant Breeding) from G.B.P.U.A.T, Pantnagar ( U.S.Nagar), Uttarakhand

ii. M.Sc Agriculture ( Genetics and Plant Breeding), B.H.U., Varanasi ( U.P)

iii. NET Qualified (ASRB, ICAR)

Work Experience

15 years of Teaching and Research experience. Research area includes characterization of germplasm and breeding for biotic and abiotic stresses in crop plants.Worked as Post Doctoral Fellow in Indo U.K Project on Disease Resistance in Indian mustard.

3 book chapters and Published more than 15 research papers in national and international journals along with 5 popular articles in the field of agriculture.

Research Area/ Interest: Genetics, Plant Breeding and Plant Biotechnology

Hobbies / extracurricular / other achievement:

Awarded "Young Scientist Award" by Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology during IV Uttarakhand State Science Congress in 2009.

Hobbies: Playing Table Tennis

Dr. Gideon Jackson Synrem


Professional Qualification:

Ph. D in Agriculture (Genetics and Plant Breeding)

Work Experience

a. Research Experience of 5 years as Research fellow under UGC

b. Teaching experience of 15 months.

c. Author of 8 Research papers and Co-author in 7 Research papers of National and International Journals of Agriculture

Research Area/ Interest

Genetics and Plant Breeding

Hobbies / extracurricular / other achievement

a. Awarded Promising Faculty of the Department of Agriculture 2018 by Shri PRAKASH PANT (Finance Minister, Govt. of Uttarkhand)November 23rd, 2018.

b. Awarded best Oral Presentation by Himgiri Zee University, during the National Seminar on Innovations and Challenges in present Day Agriculture, Forestry and Allied Sciences, April, 5th 2018

c. Awarded best Poster Presentation by 3rdUttar Pradesh Agriculture Science Congress (3rdUPASC) on June 14th, 2015.

d. Awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship 2012-2017 by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

Google Scholar Link:

Scopus scholar Link: NIL

Dr. Mamta

Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture

Professional Qualification:

i. Ph.D. Ag (Plant Pathology)

ii. M.Sc. Ag (Plant Pathology)

iii. Qualified ICAR NET examination in the year of 2014

Work Experience

1 Year

Research work includes ‘Studies on mango diseases under tarai region of Uttarakhand’ during Master’s programme and ‘Variability in zonate leaf spot of sorghum and its management’ during Ph.D.

Research Area/ Interest

Studying plant diseases in Uttarakhand region.

Hobbies / extracurricular / other achievement

Hobbies: Studying, Listening Music and Watching Movies.

Google Scholar Link: NIL

Scopus scholar Link: NIL

Mr. Alok Singh Jayara

Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture

Professional Qualification:

i. B Sc Agriculture from G B Pant University of Agril and Technology

ii. M Sc Agronomy from Acharya N G Ranga Agriculture University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad with Junior Research Fellowship (10th rank)

iii. NET qualified

Work Experience

8 years work experience banking industry at various positions.

Hobbies / extracurricular / other achievement:

Jogging, Watching sports, Reading newspaper, books.

Ms. Mansi Darmwal

Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture

Professional Qualification:

i. BSc. Horticulture ( UUHF, Bharsar)

ii. MSc. Agriculture ( Horticulture) ( GBPUA&T,Pantnagar)


Work Experience

8 Months

Hobbies / extracurricular / other achievement:

Gardening, Basketball, Travelling

Mr. Vivek Singh

Teaching Associate, Department of Agriculture

Professional Qualification:

i. M.B.A. (G.P.B.)

ii. M.Sc. Agriculture (G.P.B.)

iii. Perusing Ph.D. in Agriculture (G.P.B.)

Work Experience

9 years Experience in Seed Industry and four years of Teaching Experience.

Research Area/ Interest: Agri-Business

Hobbies / extracurricular / other achievement:

Model making, creativity with scrap in developing

Hobbies: Teaching Learning materials, organizing short play, Skit, drama.

Google Scholar Link: NIL

Scopus scholar Link: NIL

Ms.Sonali Rana

Teaching Associate, Department of Agriculture

Professional Qualification:

M. Sc Horticulture (Plantation, Spices, Medicinal & Aromatic plants)

Work Experience

Worked as a Research Associate at ICAR VPKAS, Almora.

Worked as an Associate Lecturer at Himalayan Institute of Pharmacy & Research, Dehradun for 6 months.

At present working as a Teaching Associate at Himgiri Zee University from last 1 year 6 months. Published 3 research papers.

Hobbies / extracurricular / other achievement:

Hobbies: Gardening

Mr. Vaibhav Gupta

Teaching Associate , Agriculture

Professional Qualification:

M.Sc. (Agronomy)

Work Experience

1 year teaching experience

Research Area/ Interest


Google Scholar Link: NIL

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